At Home With The Furries by Tom Broadbent


  • Image of At Home With The Furries by Tom Broadbent
  • Image of At Home With The Furries by Tom Broadbent
  • Image of At Home With The Furries by Tom Broadbent
  • Image of At Home With The Furries by Tom Broadbent
  • Image of At Home With The Furries by Tom Broadbent

Spanning his ten-year engagement with the British furry fandom subculture, Tom Broadbent's At Home With The Furries takes a fluffy, scaly and feathery peek at a community of people who happen to identify as animal characters.

Featuring Syrrus, a fox and Lupestripe, a wolf having a barbecue at home in Leeds, as shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018, and Smirnoff, a husky wolf from the book, 1001 Photographs You Must See Before You Die (Paul Lowe), all the photographs are taken in the furries' homes, gardens and favourite local haunts.

"Tom Broadbent's exploration of the Furries is sensitive, witty and informative. It's all you need to gain an insight into this fascinating subculture whose only limits are that of their imaginations. If only everyday life was as much fun as the pages of this book" Laura Noble

With essays by photography gallerist and curator Laura Noble and Uncle Kage, Chairman of Anthrocon, one of the biggest furry conventions in the world.

Beautifully printed by one of the world's best photobook printers, MAS in a first print run of 750 copies, the book has a furry cover and includes essays from Laura Noble and Uncle Kage. it contains over 30 amazing colour portraits of furries from around the UK and an illustrated sketchbook introducing the furries to you.

Unsigned copies are £30 plus P&P

Signed copies are £35 plus P&P

It will be shipped using second class Royal Mail in the UK.

Limited to: 750 copies

Photographs and book concept: Tom Broadbent:

Design: Struktur Design Ltd

Sketchbook Foreword: Uncle Kage

Cover illustration: Alexandra Tomlin

Book illustrations: Dane Marinkovic

Essay: Laura Noble

Size: 8 x 11 inch (21 x 28 cm), Portrait

Length: 96 pages

“We love the book, it is truly exceptional in every way. Many thanks for signing it for us!
Everyone who comes over is drawn to the red book and once they open it, there is always a fight over it! Ha! It completely pulls you in. I wish you so much success on this project, it deserves it!” - Ashley Dyson, New York

“I’d seen images from your project in various magazines and online before buying the book so was familiar with some of the images. But your book is brilliant - from the fabulous cover, the beautifully executed intimate and empathetic images to the lovely notes and information about your collaborators - all really captivating. It’s a book that we return to a lot - it hasn’t lost any of its charm and loveliness even after repeat viewings and readings.” - Richard Olivier, UK

"I really like Tom's book, because the animals are doing everyday people things but, they are a different species. My favourite character is Sky, she is blue which is one of my favourite colours. I really like her costume. The paw print on the cover is really cool and unusual." - Lola M - Aged 9.5yrs, London

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